What Is Optic Fibre?

Optical fibre (or optic fiber) is a waveguide which operates by refracting light to transmit data from one end of a fibre to another. Fibre allows for data to travel over longer distances, and at faster rates, than other forms of communication transmission.

When a ray of light enters an optical fibre at one end it undergoes multiple internal reflections. This radius is then propagated to the other end of the optical fibre with low information loss, by taking a zigzag course through the fibre. The propagation of light in the fibre can be done with very little loss even when the fibre is bent. Additionally, fibre isn’t affected by electromagnetic interference.

In the field of optical communications, the preferred material is very pure silica because it has very low optical losses. When minimizing attenuation is not the main goal, plastic fibre can also be used. An optic fibre cable typically contains many pairs of fibres, each fibre conducting a signal in each direction.

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