Ormuco and Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar Collaboration Agreement

Published by deva, 10 Mar 2017

Ormuco today announced a collaboration agreement with Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar (UTB) in Colombia that will allow the university to provide cloud-based services to its student community. The collaboration is based on the Ormuco cloud platform, built on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and OpenStack technology. The purpose of the agreement is to promote innovation and collaboration among students, and at the same time enhancing internal IT systems and services in the university.


UTB students will now have instant access to resources in the cloud to work on their projects through Ormuco’s state of the art and easy to use portal. The students will have the benefits of a secure and scalable environment where they can collaborate and the support that comes with a fully managed solution.


Ormuco’s cloud delivery platform built in collaboration with HPE technology, will enable UTB to optimize its operations and costs, and regain control of its IT. The university will become its own IT as a Service provider.


The possibility of delivering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS will open a world of possibilities for the UTB. It will be able it to efficiently run critical applications for its operations (academics, research and extension), stay up to date with the latest technologies and implement new services for its staff and students in a cost-effective way, without the burdensome costs of hardware, maintenance and upgrades. This will allow UTB to become a more flexible organization that can respond more rapidly to the needs of its stakeholders.


The university has become a member of Cloud 28+, a federated community of service providers, resellers, ISVs, developers, government entities and end users dedicated to accelerating enterprise cloud adoption. Through Cloud28+, UTB will be able to expand its presence to Europe, while playing a lead role in establishing a Cloud28+ community in Latin America.


 “We are working with UTB to unleash the benefits of hybrid IT,” said Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President, Worldwide Indirect Digital Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Cloud28+ simplifies the choice and streamlines the connection to a wide range of cloud services, while giving customers access to new partnerships and business opportunities to market their own offerings.”


“The spirit of Cloud28+ is very much about providing customers with more information and choice,” said Orlando Bayter, CEO, Ormuco. “Together with UTB, we are contributing to the increase in cloud adoption in Colombia and the advancement of the country. Education is key to development and we are certain that by introducing students to our cutting edge technology and preparing them to utilize it in the workforce we will be driving a significant transformation.”


“Our collaboration with Ormuco, HPE and Cloud28+ gives us a strong position to foster innovation and to continue with our mission to contribute to the development of the region and the country. This collaboration will allow us to actively participate in the transformation of Colombia to a knowledge-based economy by truly empowering our students and maintaining the highest level of excellence and quality in the education we provide” said, Jaime Bernal Villegas, President of UTB, who added “The cloud-service offering complements UTB’s longstanding position as a leader in innovation in the region”.


About Ormuco


Founded in 2008 and with ongoing projects in 5 continents, Ormuco is a leading cloud technology provider with a focus on innovative solutions.  Its main offering, The Connected Cloud, is a hybrid, public and private cloud services platform based on open source technology with a robust catalogue of services for organizations, service providers and ISVs. Built partner ecosystem to facilitate both local data requirements as well as global, multinational companies.


More information: www.ormuco.com


About Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar (UTB)

The UTB is a bilingual institution with an international vocation, located in Cartagena de Indias, the heart of the Caribbean. The companies of the city are the corporate partners of the university since 1975 and its main campus is the Industrial and Technological Park, located in the district Ternera of the city. At UTB we offer a complete academic structure, accompanied by the best services to achieve excellence and professional success. The UTB is committed to the development of the Colombian Caribbean, provides the necessary bases to achieve academic excellence and to provide society with professionals prepared to take on new challenges and generate great changes.


More information: www.unitecnologica.edu.co


About Cloud28+
Cloud28+ is a growing hybrid IT community and business platform for HPE partners and customers. It helps partners create new alliances, while expanding their offerings and market visibility. It gives customers one place to go to find trusted, enterprise cloud services that meet their specific workload or regulatory requirements – whether that be through Public or Private Cloud solutions. Any customer or HPE partner – including Service Providers, Solution Providers, Systems Integrators, ISVs, and distributors – anywhere in the world can join the community to exchange knowledge and tap into the power of a shared network of trusted advisors. With close to 400 HPE partners, offering over 1,300 services from 225 data centers in nearly 30 countries, Cloud28+ is the largest cloud aggregator today.