Preventing ‘overnight’ cloud migration

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 2 Jun 2015

Cloud concerns prevent corporations from migrating to the offering “overnight”, Michael Malynowsky, COO at Ormuco, has told Channelnomics.

According to Malynowsky, security remains the biggest apprehension customers face when considering moving to the cloud.

“Corporations are still having questions about security,” he toldChannelnomics. “Clients do not have the full confidence that when going to the cloud, all the security and privacy issues will be taken care of to the tune of how they manage their security and privacy when it is on premise”.

In addition, adding the cost of cloud to already intact expenses raises concerns for customers, Malynowsky said. He pointed to companies who may have recently spent millions on on-premise capital equipment.

“They have to pay a monthly charge to go to the cloud,” Malynowsky explained. “What do they do with the [millions] they just spent on equipment? There’s this financial side also that prevents enterprise companies from converting overnight to the cloud. It’s going to take time”.

The comments follow Ormuco’s Tuesday launch of Connected Cloud, a hybrid cloud solution aimed at enabling “seamless” migration between private and public cloud based on HP’s Helion OpenStack.

Malynowsky said that HP will have to focus on enterprise cloud solutions if the vendor hopes to avoid “erosion” of their market share.

“If you imagine an existing customer who has equipment on premise, they want to migrate to the cloud,” Malynowsky explained. “If HP did not have strategic answer on migration to the cloud, that would be a threat to lose business to competitors. That is the primary reason we partnered with HP”.

He added that corporations will have a mix of cloud needs going forward as some critical operations remain on premise, which is why Ormuco and HP are working with hybrid cloud.

The COO said the channel sees hybrid cloud as the way forward.

“They seem to agree that it’s not a forklift. It’s a slow progression towards the cloud over a couple of years,” Malynowsky said. “So for the foreseeable future, the channel agrees it’s a hybrid solution that’s required in the short-term.”