Removing the last barriers to enterprise cloud adoption

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 22 Apr 2015

Ormuco issues its “Overview to Global Cyber Security Solutions”,

Like lots of forward-thinking companies you’re probably excited about what enterprise cloud can offer: flexibility, scalability, new productivity applications, automation, self-service, remote access to apps and data, massive low-cost storage, the ability to move IT costs from Capex to Opex and the capacity to transform internal IT functions into fee-earning departments.

But even if you’ve already run some proof-of-concept programmes, or adopted cloud solutions for specific business functions, maybe something is holding you back from taking that final leap. You still feel the need to check your parachute just one more time.

Putting aside security issues – which vendors are assiduously addressing – the major drags on enterprise cloud adoption are worries about legacy infrastructure, the cost of redeploying existing apps, and the perceived lack of compatibility between different vendor-operated cloud platforms.

Ormuco2To address these challenges there is a good chance you will need some form of hybrid solution (public/private, hosted/on-site), or require several vendors to work together seamlessly. With proprietary platforms this can be challenging and costly. What’s more, there may be no easy way to extract your workloads once you’ve signed up with a vendor, so that they can be used on another vendor’s platform should you ever wish to switch.

This is why an increasing number of large vendors and end-users have moved to adopt open-source cloud platforms like OpenStack, which is supported and developed by more than 200 companies including giants like HP, AT&T, Dell and IBM. It’s even compatible with proprietary offerings such as AWS and VMWare.

My company, Ormuco – a leading global enterprise cloud, managed services and telecoms provider – has recently partnered with HP to bring the OpenStack ecosystem to our clients. Using HP’s OpenStack technology as the foundation for all our products and services allows our clients to choose the right mix of cloud solutions (private, public, hybrid or managed) for their business needs, without ever being locked in to one vendor.

Furthermore, as OpenStack is an ongoing collaboration between hundreds of companies, and is supported by a range of ISVs, app developers, systems integrators and channel partners, we can deliver services globally and ensure our solutions always incorporate the latest functionality and security features.

As we start 2015 the enterprise cloud market is now mature and at a turning point, the so-called “knee of the graph”. Spending will rise from some $70billion now to $250billion by 2017, or around 10 per cent of all enterprise IT spending. HP’s OpenStack-based platform is already the sole leader, according to Forrester Wave™.

With HP OpenStack technology backing up our expertise in operating global data centres and delivering unified communications solutions, we can now take care of all our clients’ processing, storage, networking and telecoms needs more flexibly, more quickly and at lower cost than ever before.

Whether your business is local, regional or global, large or small, the versatility of OpenStack removes the remaining barriers to enterprise-wide cloud adoption. It’s time to strap on that parachute and take a leap into the future.

Orlando Bayter is CEO of Ormuco
+44 20 7153 1431