Ormuco becomes provider & partner to Core DataCloud

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 22 Apr 2015


Ormuco is to provide data centre hosting and connectivity services for the UK based cloud service provider, Core DataCloud. Ormuco have also formed a partnership with Core DataCloud, to enable fully managed enterprise grade IT recovery solutions that better protect businesses, to be delivered at an affordable price.


Date: 21 Nov 2014

Axway and Ovum has recently published the results of a global study that examined data security, governance and integration challenges faced by today’s businesses, CIO’s identified business continuity and disaster recovery as the top priority.
Antony Green, Ormuco’s Sales Director for EMEA, comments; “We are delighted to provide these services to Core DataCloud in the UK and also very pleased to have formed a partnership that allows a virtualised approach to make recovery solutions much more affordable with significantly faster recovery times. We are seeing businesses increasingly favour using a managed service provider that can put both primary production and disaster recovery instances into the cloud. By doing this they are reaping all the benefits of cloud computing, from usage-based cost to eliminating on-premises infrastructure”.
The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 annual benchmarking report found 3 in 4 companies are at risk, by failing to fully prepare for disaster recovery. 73% of survey participants or nearly 3 out of 4 companies worldwide were reported as failing in terms of disaster readiness. The report also found the incidence and costs of outages remains a major challenge for many businesses with more than one-third (36%) having lost one or more critical applications, VMs, or critical data files for hours at a time over the past year.