What your company can do to capitalise.

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 22 Apr 2015

As we start 2015, Bibi Bajwa – COO of Ormuco’s EMEA operation – looks back on 2014, a year in which the promises of Big Data, the Cloud and IT Virtualisation started to become reality for many businesses, and what your company can do to capitalise.

There has been a lot of hype in the media about the benefits of the Cloud and Big Data. At times this has reached such a frenzied pitch that you could be forgiven for assuming that these technologies had been sent directly from on high to solve all the ills of this world.

Perhaps the issue is that we don’t quite appreciate the scale of the challenge these technologies were created to solve. Let’s turn to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt for clarification. A few years ago he said that we produce in just two days as much new information as was created in the thousands of years between the dawn of civilisation and 2003.

Today we produce that much data every 10 hours. In 2013 our digital world created and stored 4.4 trillion gigabytes of data, or enough to fill 137 billion iPads, and by 2020 even that colossal figure will have increased nearly a hundred-fold. If anything, the term Big Data is actually an understatement.