Combining performance, flexibility, and security

Using HP Helion OpenStack-based cloud hosting solutions, Ormuco will help you focus on your business not your technology.

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Fully-customized cloud environments

Hybrid, private, and public cloud hosting options to meet your exact application and service requirements. Maintain control over your virtual resources and/or get the cloud scalability necessary to tackle any workload.

Improve productivity with live migrations

Avoid lengthy downtime and costly service interruptions with real-time instance migration between physical servers. Migrate almost instantly between a pay-as-you-go public environment with a private cloud hosting and vice versa.

Fully-redundant infrastructure

Ensure the continuity of your mission critical systems with our fully-redundant infrastructure. Your cloud components are entirely duplicated and always available thanks to our reliable, secure, and failure-proof environment.

Peak performance through SDN

Software-defined networking offers high performance, compatibility, and isolation with network technologies supporting VLAN and VxLAN.

Engineered around APIs

API-centered approach provides greater flexibility, customization, and system integration. Our performance-based cloud APIs offer multiplatform compatibility and cloud elasticity to meet any production requirement.

Automated operations

Increase efficiency and reduce manpower by automating frequently executed cloud operations. Refocus IT personnel to mission critical initiatives instead of low impact tasks.

Additional Features

Enhanced security

Isolated environments for maximum security, system integrity, and protection against DDoS attacks.

Leading technology

Based on established, industry-leading technology, including SSD disks, DockerĀ®, KVM, and XEN.

Storage and recovery

Wide range of storage options with backup and snapshot functionality for any type of cloud hosting infrastructure.

Open source software

Ensures regular updates and new features, while avoiding vendor lock-in and costly licensing fees.

Performance network

Balanced network distribution, reduced bottlenecks, and maximized software efficiency.

Global availability

Accessibility your system from anywhere in the world via our intuitive, secure, and centralized portal.

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