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Instance and volume management

Real-time instance and volume creation, provisioning, and scaling right at your fingertips. Optimize resource efficiency, minimize operational standstills, and pay only for what you use.


Cost-efficiently scale as traffic and workloads fluctuate by accessing, controlling, and operating your entire network infrastructure (router, private network, VPN). Add or remove the necessary resources to follow your business growth strategy.

Backup and recovery

Preserve business continuity and maintain peace of mind with our reliable backup, snapshot, and recovery solutions. Reduce risks and liabilities and become resilient to the unexpected.

User and access management

Add and manage cloud platform users, control operation access rights, and assign privileges to system administrators and end-users.

Multi-device convenience

Access your portal using any device, whether you are at home, at work, or on the road in order to maintain control of your cloud operations.

Additional Features


Control costs and maximize efficiency by automatically adding or removing resources to reflect actual usage.

Customizable alerts

24/7/365 performance & billing alerts to ensure optimal operation, & to keep track of cloud usage & costs.


Use of Docker® to ease transition between environments and to accelerate processes or deployments.

Activity logs

Real-time activity logs for troubleshooting & reviewing
resource usage.

Instance re-sizing

Fast, intuitive and simple instance re-sizing to ensure effective response to production requirements.


24/7/365 email-based customer service to ensure you receive support when you need it.

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