Top 6 features to consider when selecting your cloud

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 29 Sep 2015

1) Storage

Storage is essential for any company who works with very demanding and complex applications. Storage has to be highly performing, scalable, and available. Moreover, back-up is a tremendous factor to take into consideration for security concerns.

2) Analytics

Big data and business intelligence provide businesses with an irrefutable competitive advantage. As a matter of fact, analysis of such data enables enterprises to get detailed insight to better forecast their sales.

3) Collaboration

Tools such as web conferences, and file sharing are advantageous features that allow employees to share much more easily their information. This benefit will result in a better reactivity and productivity.

4) Scalability

When selecting a cloud, make sure that it is very scalable. Indeed, you may need different applications, which require various amount of CPU. By being able to move easily from an environment to another, you save tremendous resources.

5) Development

A staging environment should be in place in order for the devops to test their applications and work before launching. This development environment is crucial in terms of cost and time savings.

6) Multi-device convenience

The system should be accessible from any device such as smart phones and tablets in order to maintain control over your workload.

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