7 reasons to choose OpenStack

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 25 Sep 2015

1)            Service providers need a cloud platform to deliver new services to their customers.

With SaaS and almost all IT as a service, cloud platforms are essential for businesses. With opensource software like Openstack, IT departments across the globe have access to and can become cloud providers.

2)            Enterprises would like to resell their unused capacity to a federate global Openstack wholesale environment.

A community is based on sharing. Sharing of knowledge but also sharing of costs. In the community mindset Openstack has created a wholesale environment allowing companies to resale unused capacities in down time and low production period.

3)            Open standards are essential in today’s IT world.

Vendors and technology lock-in, systems communication, and data protection are addressed by Open standards. These concerns are more and more important in today’s IT world and must be resolved. OpenStack is therefore a good alternative for dealing with these affairs as it is fully open and community based.

4)            Many service providers, vendors and software developers are contributing significant resources to Openstack.

The beauty of Openstack is that it is opensource and forces unlikely partners, or even competitors to work together for the greater good. This leads to innovations and breakthroughs that would never happen in a closed software environment.

5)            Containers have opened a new way for cloud computing which Openstack will leverage.

Containers, with their lighter nature, allow for a much greater density of separated contexts without having the same footprint as full virtualization, which minimizes the cost of individual services in large deployments.

6)            Private managed cloud computing is growing and Openstack fulfils  enterprise needs.

Openstack can provide some of the agility of the public cloud in a private cloud setting. This is appealing to financial or governmental companies, which due to the nature of their business, feel safer in a private environment but still look for the benefits of the public environment.

7)            A global Openstack federated environment will arise to deliver new standard services worldwide to customers, being agnostic of equipment type and geographical location.

Being able to use the same interface and features across any Openstack based cloud provider is one of the key elements of the software’s popularity. Smaller companies want the freedom to move from one cloud provider to another without change. Larger corporations want more control, authorization and auditing as they work on multiple cloud providers but use a single management interface.


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