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5 Reasons to Choose Private Managed Cloud

Published by Emily Pearson, 10 Aug 2016

Share A Private Managed Cloud is great for businesses looking for higher protection for their data then what the public cloud can offer. A Managed Private Cloud platform includes hardware, software and services. Your company then has a solid building block... Read
5 Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Published by Emily Pearson, 28 Jun 2016

Share Moving to a hybrid cloud environment comes with many benefits, the hybrid cloud allows for seamless movement between private and public clouds, providing unlimited scalability. In the infographic below we list out 5 key advantages showing why businesses should consider... Read
DevOps Skills Infographic

Published by Emily Pearson, 25 Feb 2016

Share A skilled DevOps personnel comes in many forms, when having an online search for the components of DevOps you come across a wide variety of skills. Here we have put together a compilation, taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the... Read
Steps to migrate to the cloud

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 6 Oct 2015

Share Step 1: Fully understand what the cloud is The cloud is a form of hosting. The only difference from traditional hosting is that cloud is not physical but virtual. The virtualization factor performs the transition from the hardware to the... Read
Top 6 features to consider when selecting your cloud

Published by Rodolphe Wilhelm, 29 Sep 2015

Share 1) Storage Storage is essential for any company who works with very demanding and complex applications. Storage has to be highly performing, scalable, and available. Moreover, back-up is a tremendous factor to take into consideration for security concerns. 2) Analytics Big data... Read

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