Orlando Bayter

Orlando was only 24 years old when he founded Ormuco in 2008, after having worked in the IT field for many years as a consultant. In 2009, only one year later, he had positioned his company at the top of its sector by becoming the fifth Canadian supplier to obtain a license from the CRTC to provide Internet services, telephony and television across Canada. In 2010 he founded Voix Video Data to deliver cabling and electrical solutions and in 2011 he founded Virtual V Data to provide near shore outsourcing services for Contact Centres. Orlando holds a BA in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management. Always striving to provide the best service possible to his clients, he is an integral part of complex telecom solutions, sharing his views and knowledge. His total commitment to quality is expressed by the attention with which he ensures the well-being of his employees and of his clients.

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